During their stay at New Hope, women receive shelter, meals and hygiene products and are introduced to the 12-step recovery program. 

They are “sponsored” by other women in active recovery, many who are New Hope alumni, who first help them understand and apply the recovery process and later assist them in re-entering society as sober, productive individuals.  These mentors provide guidance in addressing the root causes of alcoholism and addiction and identifying harmful patterns, learning to make positive day-to-day decisions, and immersion in a supportive community with others working toward the same goals. 

When a woman contacts New Hope for assistance, we conduct a brief intake interview during which she must express a willingness to actively seek recovery from alcohol and/or drugs and agree to follow the house rules. She is given hygiene products and clothing if needed and a designated bunk in the dorm room. 

Each woman who enters New Hope is assigned a “big sister” – another woman in the dorm who will take care of her basic needs for the first 72 hours. During these first three days the new woman is not allowed access to phones, television, radio, internet or newspapers and she is not allowed visitors. This period is for physical detoxification and acclimating to the house schedule and rules. 

After 3 days, the woman will select a sponsor and begin intensive study and application of the 12-step recovery program. She will attend 12-step meetings and meditation sessions each day and receive a chore assignment. She will be allowed visitors but may not leave the premises, except to attend a New Hope off-site activity or 12-step meetings with other women established in recovery.

All services are provided at no cost for the first 30 days.  New Hope is not a fancy place. The women sleep in bunk beds in a dorm room and share a bathroom. Everyone pitches in with the daily chores of cleaning, meal preparation, laundry, and readying the facility for 12-step meetings and activities. The ladies sell baked goods and hold car washes to earn a little cash for cigarettes and sodas.